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Provide unconventional and delightfully useful gear - full of personality, story telling, and a clever range of implementations.


Value, Leadership, Community, Accountability, Respecting and learning from the land

They say 'if you love something, set it free', and that saying had never meant much to me until my favourite backpack blew up and fell apart and wouldn't work anymore. After seven long years of daily use, I was tasked with setting it free...

Devastated, I began looking for a new one. Full of drive and respect for the genius design of my old bag, I found myself at a textile wholesaler rather than a bag retailer, and I set out to learn how to build a replacement. I figured I had spent enough time oogling my former pack that I had no need to watch any videos on sewing.  Instead I just found a sewing machine and plugged it in.

It sure wasn’t pretty, but whatever the hell I made was able to hold a case of fifteen beers, and at the time, that was really all I needed. The next bag I built took all of the lessons I learned from building the first, and I decided to use it every day for a year to learn as much about what sucked and what rocked as I possibly could.  A year later, the bag was still as good as new.

 The process repeated itself until I had a small arsenal of backpacks.  From the pile of backpacks rose Ram Canyon. Today I try to remember the reason I make bags; to give people a really cool place to put their really cool stuff while they do really cool things.

Welcome to Ram Canyon, pitch your tent awhile.