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The Mosquito

$94.99 $94.99

Introducing the mosquito - Ram Canyon's latest invention, and a tool clever enough to tackle nature's toughest challenges and the city's sweetest Sunday mornings

The mosquito can be used as a satchel, chest pack, sling, or fanny

The mosquito is a clever little product... sleek enough to be rolled down to the size of a simple phone and wallet, or spacious enough when unrolled to carry chalked up climbing shoes & harness or an entire growler of craft beer

Use the plasma buckles to remove the sling strap and use the mosquito as a clutch, clip it to your belt, bike, or backpack, or chuck it into the back of your truck on your next deep country mission

Fully dust and water resistant

Garment-lined with crystal-white ripstop nylon for interior visibility

Hand sculpted moon pendant zipper pull

Ships with included stainless Carabiner from Nite-Ize® and custom made world-class buckles from Duraflex®

Select your desired strap length at checkout.  All straps adjustable.

The Mosquito was invented as a durable, dependable, and convertible sling pack to serve whistlers, doodlers, tree climbers, peddlers, paddlers, chuggers, snugglers, fighters, snoozers, and hustlers.