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The Mosquito


Designed alongside local manufacturing geniuses, the mosquito was invented by Ram canyon Industries, for the bold people who trust our products and rely upon our outside-of-the-box thinking and dependable quality and durability.

The mosquito can be used as a satchel, chest pack, sling, or fanny

When rolled down and clipped into place, the mosquito is low-profile enough to comfortably fit under your arm during everyday activities or epic voyages

Unroll the top to use the full 5L of storage for larger items like climbing shoes and harnesses, your fishing tackle, or a full growler of beer

Use the plasma buckles to remove the sling strap and use the mosquito as a clutch, or clip it to your belt, bike, or backpack

Fully dust and water resistant

Garment-lined with crystal-white ripstop nylon for interior visibility

Hand sculpted moon pendant zipper pull

Ships with included stainless Carabiner from Nite-Ize® and custom made world-class buckles from Duraflex®