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Riverproof Dry Bag 5L


Made from durable 1.9 oz PU coated ripstop nylon, ballistic grade nylon webbing and custom world class Dura-Flex® buckles, Ram Canyon's first ever seam-sealed, 100% waterproof dry bag can take whatever the river throws at it

Built by expert tent makers in Calgary AB from premium materials

Coming in at 5L of volume - or enough to carry 6 beers, or 1 Pomeranian

The Riverproof Dry Bag 5L is perfect for summer boat days, keeping your phone and keys secure while river surfing, biking in the rain, long days on the river, or keeping handy during that scene in Cloudy with a chance of meatballs where the meatballs start to fall out of the sky.

No matter the moisture, this thing will keep your things dry! ;)

Product covered under 1 year of repair warranty against damage sustained during use